Holiday Apartments in Malta

There is a massive choice of holiday apartments in Malta and also on the sister island of Gozo just a thirty minute ferry crossing away from the hustle and bustle of the ‘mainland’. Every town has holiday apartments available as they provide a good source of income for the owners who may have few alternative ways of earning a living on an island which has very little manufacturing industry.

The service sector relies heavily on tourism and holiday apartments in Malta are a major component of the tourist industry. Many people invest in holiday apartments with a view to renting them out to tourists and before offering them to the public as holiday rentals they are required to apply to the Maltese government at least 2 months before commencing the rental process for a special license.

A minimum level of comfort must be guaranteed with a specific selection of items included in the holiday apartments in Malta ensuring that the people who rent them are given a fair deal for their money. Sheets, towels, kitchen equipment, a television and perhaps a ‘play station’ for entertainment must be provided for the holiday maker’s use along with comfortable beds and modern bathrooms. Nowadays people renting holiday apartments in Malta expect an internet connection included in the price as well as air conditioning units with hot as well as cold air making the apartments warm enough to occupy in the winter months.

Holiday Apartments are Diverse

Holiday apartments in Malta are never ‘standard’ but take many interesting forms making them a very attractive proposition when compared to hotel rooms which are pretty standard in size and in what they have to offer. A hotel room with a bathroom, a double bed and a pull out couch will often cost as much per night as a two bedroom holiday apartment with a kitchen unit, separate bathroom, living room/dining area and a balcony or terrace. The holiday apartment in Malta will normally have a washing machine and a dishwasher plumbed in allowing the occupants to take less luggage with them which is especially advantageous when travelling with a budget airline which charges extra for ‘hold’ luggage.

Plenty of Space to Move About

Families can enjoy the space to move around within the holiday apartment, watch TV in a separate living area while other family members sleep of relax in the bedrooms. It can be extremely irritating to be cramped into a ‘family’ room in a hotel with nowhere to ‘escape’ when the weather is too hot to tour or ‘chill’ by the pool in the middle of the day. Children can bring toys and games to pass the time and run around the holiday apartment without disturbing other guests as they would do in a hotel. Holiday apartments in Malta often have a swimming pool available for the use of all the occupants of apartments in the same complex or may even be prestigious enough to have a swimming pool on the terrace for the sole use of the holiday apartment occupants.

Holiday Apartments are Cost Effective

Holiday apartments in Malta allow for maximum flexibility with holiday makers eating meals at any time they choose to prepare food and giving the opportunity to try out local delicacies and wines in the relaxed privacy of the holiday apartment. Fresh fruits can be bought in abundance for snacking during the day avoiding the problem of over eating fattening foods which tend to be offered in abundance in hotel buffets.

Drinking alcoholic beverages in hotel restaurants and bars is usually very expensive with cheap locally produced bottles of wine charged at 5 times (or more) the price that they cost to buy in supermarkets. Every Maltese supermarket has a broad range of local and imported alcoholic beverages at very reasonable prices making it far more economical to enjoy a few drinks on your terrace or the balcony of your holiday apartment in Malta than in the hotel bar and restaurant. Even ordering a bottle of water in a hotel restaurant can be a very costly experience ‘jacking up’ the expense of your holiday and making you feel cheated.

Holiday Apartments are great for Friends to Share

Large groups of friends can rent holiday apartments in Malta with several bedrooms enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company at a much lower cost than that of renting several hotel rooms. Hotel guests need to ensure that they do not disturb other guests and it is frowned upon if large groups of people make noise going from one room to another. It is very difficult in the peak season in Malta for large groups to find sufficient rooms in a single hotel unless they ‘block book’ well ahead which can be a difficult task unless it is done through a travel agency. Hotels have rigid time-tables for meal times and checking in to the hotel as well as checking out is a boring and time consuming formality which is shorter and more flexible when you rent a holiday apartment. Owners of holiday apartments in Malta can be open to discussion about the provision of ‘special’ items for the comfort of their guests and usually offers tips and advice on places to visit and the sort of places to avoid. It is often the ‘insider’ recommendations that make a holiday particularly memorable and will often lead to repeat holidays to an island as beautiful and welcoming as Malta.

Holiday Apartment Reviews Influence the Service Offered

The people who offer holiday apartments for rent in Malta are especially keen to have good reviews on the internet websites ensuring that they have an uninterrupted flow of business throughout the year. Guests will often find delicious welcoming treats in the fridge including a bottle of wine to start the holiday in true style. The best that can happen is for happy guests to recommend the holiday apartments in Malta to friends and family making the business a great success for the holiday apartment owners. Most astute holiday makers take the reviews posted by past guests into account when choosing their holiday apartments making it very important for serious holiday apartment owners in Malta to provide excellent value for money.