How to buy a property in Malta

Information on Contracting a Purchase in Malta

In order to purchase a property in Malta, the contract of acquisition of the property must be made in front of a Notary Public of Malta.

Selection of Notary and Costs

The purchaser selects the Notary of his choice to assist him during the process of acquiring the property and ultimately it is the same Purchaser
that pays the Notary the relevant fees and expenses. Fees of Notary’s vary depending on the value of the property and expenses normally
include registration costs that are also based on the value of the property and costs for doing searches on the Vendors and the property itself
which vary depending on the property in question.

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Recommendation of a Notary

Should you not have a Notary of your choice, we can recommend one to you based on our knowledge and experience of working within the
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From the moment you decide on a Property, you should involve your Notary. The first process is to sign a promise of sale agreement in front of
a Notary. This agreement binds the Vendor to sell and the Purchaser to acquire subject to the terms and conditions agreed.

Subsequently the Notary will upon your instruction conduct any necessary searches whilst you may wish to engage an Architect and other
experts to further look into the property. You may need to comply with acquiring permits to purchase or other requirements at law which your
Notary will guide you thereupon.

Finally a contract of sale is entered into following all the formalities of Maltese law.

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