Long Lets Malta

Renting a property under the conditions of a Long Lets contract usually involves committing to stay in the property for a minimum of 6 months or perhaps as much as one year according to the requirements set by the landlord. The Long Let contract will usually be renewed automatically from year to year if the tenants do not give notice to the landlord at least one month before their planned departure. It is usual for landlords to ask for a month’s rent in advance to cover any eventual damages to the property as well as an extra month’s rent which would be used at the end of the contract in lieu of paying the final month. Long Lets are usually furnished in Malta but a landlord may be open to negotiation about removing unwanted furniture and storing it elsewhere.

Long Lets Contracts are Essential

Tenants are advised to draw up a list of contents in the Long Lets property as well as a detailed list of pre-existing ‘damage’ with photographs if possible. These lists should be signed by BOTH the landlord and the tenant in order to protect the tenant from damage claims in the future. Similarly, it is important for tenants to insist on an electricity reading before entering the property as well as a reading of the water meter. Unscrupulous landlords may try to ‘pass off’ unpaid bills from past residents onto the new tenant putting the new tenant into a very difficult position.

People looking to rent a Long Let should always ask for a Long Lets contract which is legally binding. Renting directly from a landlord who has placed a property on the internet does not exclude him from entering into a contractual agreement. Beware of landlords who do not want to supply a contract but offer a discount for cash payment of rent. It may sound fabulous but it leaves the tenant in a vulnerable situation where the landlord can ask the tenant to leave at any time without notice,

Long Lets are more Economical than Short Lets

Long Lets are the ideal property for people seeking to remain in Malta for longer than one season and have an advantage over Short Lets in that they are usually cheaper to rent on a monthly basis and can be made to feel homely, personalized spaces with the addition of a few items such as a brightly coloured rugs, some potted plants and scatter cushions. Attractively framed posters are cheap to buy in any of the local home decor shops and give a fabulous feel to any Long Let property immediately.

Long Lets in Malta are usually furnished with the usual items needed for day to day living including a washing machine and perhaps a tumble dryer. People seeking to remain in a Long Let over the short winter season should be very pleased to have a tumble dryer in the property as Malta is damp and rather cold for a couple of months a year with intermittent sunshine still making it a pleasure to be there. However getting towels dry and fluffy can be a big problem when the level of humidity remains elevated.

Malta is the Ideal Location for Long Lets

Malta is a politically stable European country in a great location in the Mediterranean Sea situated within a few hours of all major European capitals. The country has a very well developed housing market with a large number of Long Lets available at affordable prices. The style of houses in Malta vary from traditional stone built properties with thick walls constructed in the light coloured sandstone which makes them look very special through to modern high rise apartments with glistening glass facades that could have been ‘transplanted’ from any major street in London or Paris. Every large town in Malta has a mixture of building styles that blend together aesthetically and in the outlying villages people seeking to view long Lets will also find spectacular modern villas with swimming pools and well tended lush gardens.

Small is Beautiful

The country of Malta is very small at only 17 kilometres in length and 14 kilometres wide but it has a unique feeling of spaciousness with its hilly landscape and dramatic cliffs dropping down into a cobalt sea of amazing clarity. Driving around the island viewing Long Lets properties is a wonderful experience as no two villages look the same and every side of the Island has distinctive landscape. The coast line tends to be rocky with a small sandy beach in St Paul’s bay but the remainder of the coast is rugged, sculpted by the prevailing westerly wind which keeps the island cool throughout the warm summer and bring plenty of moisture in the winter months.

Member of the EU

Malta enjoys all the benefits that come from being a full member of the European Union including the free movement of goods and labour making it a very attractive business destination. The level of business taxation is around 35% and individuals enjoy an attractive personal income tax rate compared to most European countries. Businesses have absolutely no problem in finding suitable Long Lets in which to base their offices with many Maltese people very happy to rent out their properties to reputable businesses from abroad guaranteeing a regular income. Most Maltese landlords are amenable and pleasant people open to negotiation on price and will help out with finding places and sorting out electricity and water connections.

Great Retirement Destination

Retired people from European countries such as the UK are drawn to Malta in their later years because of the mild winters and the warm summers which are rarely excessively hot. The availability of Long Lets at different prices makes it a great place to settle without needing to invest capital needed to generate an income.

The excellent air and sea transport links make Malta a fabulous place to set up a business with plenty of skilled people available to fill job vacancies.