Rentals in Malta

The term ‘Rentals’ refers to all properties made available to rent by people seeking to pay money to live in somebody else’s property. The word Rentals is also used in connection with vehicle hire including cars, motorbikes and bicycles which are all available in Malta for long stay or short stay visitors. The cost of vehicle rentals is reasonable with very low rates charged in the short winter months of December to March and rates increasing to the highest level during July and August. Similarly the cost of holiday Rentals during the summer months is higher than during the winter or in spring and autumn. There are short-stay Rentals at daily rates which vary according the type of property on offer as well as long stay rentals which are usually for between 6 months and a year.

Read Your Rentals Contract Carefully

Long stay Rentals involve contracts which automatically renew themselves after one year if landlord or tenant does not give prior notice. Of course this refers to standard Rentals contracts, however there can be clauses included by the landlord indicating special terms and conditions which may also affect the way that the Rentals are renewed. Before signing any kind of Rentals contract it is essential that the tenants read the small print carefully as a contract is a legally binding document which can involve lengthy litigation at great cost to the tenants if they contravene the terms stated in the agreement. Malta is part of the European Union and it has a well regulated legal system ensuring that everybody on its territory behaves in accordance with the law.

Rentals in Homes of Malta Residents

People who own properties in Malta have adopted the concept of renting rooms within their homes sharing the common living areas with their ‘house guests’. The idea of living with a host family can be very appealing to visitors who want to be immersed in Maltese culture and family life. The host may offer breakfast as part of the Rentals service or simply rent the room, giving the visitors the keys to come and go as they please. Most host families are people who enjoy sharing their home with strangers and are keen to show their visitors the beauty spots or at least to indicate the most attractive places to visit. Choosing Rentals in indigenous peoples’ homes can lead to long term friendships as well as a deeper understanding of Maltese tradition. Rentals of this kind are based on trust and respect for the host family and day to day life so when seeking to rent in a room in somebody’s home one needs to decide if one can enjoy the lack of privacy which these kinds of Rentals entail.

Book Your Rentals Online Well In Advance

People planning a short holiday to Malta should try to book well in advance by looking online at the extensive selection of short stay Rentals to ensure that they manage to reserve one of the most attractive properties at a good price. Naturally the short stay Rentals in the most popular areas for tourists command higher prices as the demand is huge. Bearing in mind that Malta is a small island just 17 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide with an excellent public transport system utilizing modern buses it is well worth seeking short stay Rentals away from the main tourist spots and commuting to various places of interest. Car hire is only worth undertaking if you have a Rental well away from a built up area as parking is a ‘nightmare’ in Valetta and Sliema. People taking Rentals in Valetta will see immediately that it resembles a ‘rabbit warren’ with narrow one-way streets, limited parking and many roads off- limits to cars that do not belong to local residents. Malta is a nation of people who ‘love’ their cars and there are luxurious, costly vehicles driving around at slow speeds as the traffic jams are particularly long in peak hours and the peak season.

Rentals on Gozo and Comino

It is important to remember that Malta has two ‘sister’ islands under its jurisdiction offering Rentals hence giving you a wider choice. The larger of the two islands is Gozo which can be reached using a regular ferry service that runs throughout the year from the port at Cirkewwa going to Mgarr on Gozo. The Gozo Channel Company was established in 1979 and provides an excellent service every 30 minutes on a 24 hour basis. The cost for adults is around 4.5 Euros and half for a child making it an affordable proposition to take a Rental on Gozo.

Check the Jelly Fish Season

Gozo Rentals tend to be traditional Maltese style limestone villas and apartments of great charm and beauty, glowing in the sunlight. The terrain on Gozo is rugged with breathtaking cliffs and incredible views in all directions, making it an ideal Rentals destination for people who love nature and trekking. The small beaches lie in hidden grottos and are linked to the open sea through rocky tunnels, not appropriate for people who can’t swim well. The sea waters around Gozo and Comino tend to be populated with enormous brown jelly fish which are harmless and smaller white jellyfish which are very nasty for people who get stung. When seeking your Rentals you need to check the jelly fish season or simply choose Rentals with swimming pools.

Spectacular Bays on Comino but Few Rentals

The tiny island of Comino has few rentals available as it is a rather barren place, however people who take Rentals in Malta or Gozo can enjoy the reasonably priced boat trips to the magnificent’ Blue Lagoon’ in Comino as well as Crystal Bay and Santa Marija Bay. Rentals in Gozo are for people who want a calm holiday or wish to live in a remote environment enjoying nature. There are short stay and long stay rentals on Gozo at very good prices but it is important to remember than the ferry crossing can be very rough even in the summer months so people who want Rentals on Gozo should be good sea farers.