Short Lets Malta

The beautiful holiday island of Malta is very well positioned in the Mediterranean Sea a short distance from Sicily and the Italian mainland for visitors to come on holiday for short periods of time from any of the European countries. Flying to Malta takes a couple of hours from the UK and just three and a half hours from Oslo in Norway making it a fabulous place to go to for a few days or even a long weekend. A jet powered ferry boat goes to Italy regularly throughout the summer months providing visitors with a stunning day long excursion and allowing visitors to come to Malta by car if they want to do so. The island has an excellent public transport system and a very well priced taxi service meaning that a car is really not a necessity. Remember that the traffic system is similar to that of the UK with vehicles driving on the left side of the road so if you are not used to this it is best to take the bus.

Compact and Lively Island

People staying in a short let accommodation inside a large town such as Sliema or Valetta always experience big parking problems and risk being fined or having their cars ‘clamped’ if they are not very careful about where they leave their cars. The hire car agencies are cheap and cars can be rented for a few days to make the ‘long distance’ journeys to the farthest corners of the island. The island of Malta is just 27 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide so renting a car for a long period of time is rather a waste of money. Tourists living in short let accommodation will find small shops selling all sorts of groceries on just about every corner in each neighbourhood and always a wonderful bakery selling the most delicious bread imaginable. Restaurants abound all over Malta so even if the idea of cooking is not appealing, there are cheap and delicious menus to suit everybody’s taste with a distinct Italian influence.

Malta is Easily Accessible

The airport is of a substantial size allowing the arrival and departure of many flights each day by its national carrier ‘Air Malta’ and many other airlines including Emirates and EasyJet. The air fares are highly competitive keeping Malta ‘in the frame’ when people are selecting their great value holiday destination. The island attracts a constant flow of short stay tourists as well as people seeking to spend several months on the island for various reasons ranging from relaxation to work opportunities. Many people prefer ‘short lets’ in Malta in order to cater for themselves in the flat or house they have rented and to enjoy the flexibility that comes with having the keys to come and go as they please without anybody controlling their day to day activities. ‘Short Lets’ spell freedom to explore the island without rushing back to eat dinner at a fixed time, the opportunity to cook the delicious local produce and to lie in bed till late without missing the breakfast buffet.

Malta has a very wide range of short lets on offer all year round despite being a small place with a population of just 424,000 people. The prices are competitive with self catering studios available from as little as €20 a day in more remote parts of the island as well as on the sister islands of Gozo and Comino accessible by daily ferry services. A daily price of €40 plus can be expected in the capital city of Valetta and the town of Sliema which is a short distance away across Sliema creek and the Grand Harbour. There are apartments to suit every pocket and villas of breathtaking beauty at reasonable prices considering that they accommodate several families choosing to take a vacation together. Many people enjoy to holiday with friends sharing a substantial luxurious property with a swimming pool and luscious green garden. Small children have the added advantage of being able to eat when they please and take naps in the comfortable rooms out of the hot sun whilst the parents relax by the pool happy that their children are resting peacefully close by. The Maltese people are strict Catholics and adore children generally making it very easy to rent short let accommodation for family use. Children are taken out with parents to restaurants and on warm summer nights children accompany their parents for dinners and walks on the promenades until very late, preferring to rest during the day in true Mediterranean fashion.

Tourists Are Well Received

The population is geared up for tourism and the standards of the properties on offer are very high when compared to several other Mediterranean countries. The advantage of the short let is that the person renting enjoys the use of a fully furnished accommodation which will have met a certain minimum standard in order to receive the ‘Holiday Premises License’ from the Malta Tourism Authority. The standards imposed by the Tourism authority are high in order to encourage good quality tourism on the island and not the kind of tourist prepared to live in abysmal conditions just to say that they have had a cheap vacation.

Sunshine the Whole Year Round

Malta prides itself on its warm hospitality, friendliness and the wonderful service offered to visitors throughout the year. The superb weather gives visitors to Malta year round opportunities to bask in the warm sun and even during the short winter season lasting from the beginning of December to the end of February there are many warm sunny days with bright blue skies making up for the cooler evenings and the occasional rains. The pleasant weather throughout the year means that restaurants continue to function and a wide range of short let rental properties are always available. The short let will usually include towels, fresh sheets daily and a full cleaning service as well as internet Wi-Fi services at a minimal price or completely free. Some landlords may try to slip in a high fee for Wi-Fi so it is important to check the details or it can turn out to be very costly holiday.